Thuso Mbedu’s Fashion Looks

Features about award-winning South African actress and performer, Thuso Mbedu. She is the star of ‘The Woman King’ and is now based in Hollywood.

Thuso Mbedu takes fashion risks as she promotes her first film, ‘The Woman King’

Thuso Mbedu surprises many with her fashion choice for ‘The Woman King’ premiere in South Africa

South Africa has warmly welcomed its daughter who has turned into a global superstar, Thuso Mbedu. She stars in ‘The Woman King’, alongside the Academy Award-winning Viola Davis, and has the country on a standstill. She is in South Africa promoting the film that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

Mbedu is expected to be one of the contenders for Best Supporting Actress during Hollywood’s award season.

‘The Woman King’ stars have expressed to media houses that it wasn’t all glitz and glam in the initial stages of creating and bringing life to the story.  

The movie, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood demanded their undivided devotion, including emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

However, the physical intensity that the storyline required from them remains to be a highlight for the actors. It afforded them a safe space to bond and share their similar backgrounds that led them to this very moment.

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When Mbedu arrived with her co-star, John Boyega in Johannesburg for the South African premiere of ‘The Woman King’, they quickly grabbed the attention of celebrity watchers.

Key for many was what they would wear to the premiere. And they didn’t disappoint.

The significant symbolism extracted from “The Woman King’s” South African premiere, is the coming together of people from all over the country to support one of their own. It was an evening that was big on ‘ubuntu’, culture, and also celebrating excellence in art.


Speaking of art, Thuso’s hair stylist went all out with the Miriam Makeba-inspired hairstyle. That’s at least what the assumption is from the public and it is definitely convincing. This matters so much and solidifies confidence in many black children who struggle with identifying with themselves in underprivileged spaces.

Africa is known for its uniqueness; making something valuable out of “nothing” at all.
While Thuso received an overwhelming amount of positivity, her custom look by House of Sass sparked interesting debates amongst fashionistas.

There were detractors who immediately dismissed the design and material of the dress. Some said Thuso rocks garments by Western designers, perfectly more than African-inspired attires. These sentiments went to an extent where the dress was compared to reed placemats fashioned into a multi-coloured hi-low dress.

Some fashion experts applauded the designer, Sasa Thabethe of House of Sass and Thuso, for daring to be different. With the look, they offered the world uniqueness with their construction of the garment.

Even with the detractors, Thuso wore it with pride.

She is having fun with fashion, taking all the risks, and breaking the rules as she goes.

Most importantly, Thuso is taking the world by storm with every project that she embarks on with her bold and unforgettable acting skills.

Olwethu Mbane


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