Cape Splendour Fashion Steals the Show at Cape Town Met 2024

Cape Splendour Fashion Steals the Show at Cape Town Met 2024

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The 2024 World Sports Betting Cape Town Met lived up to its reputation as a social and sartorial extravaganza, with guests embracing the "Cape Splendour" theme with vibrant colours, bold patterns, and sophisticated elegance.

Gone were the days of muted palettes; the newly renovated Hollywoodbets Kenilworth racecourse became a canvas for a kaleidoscope of hues.

Jewel tones, echoing the Cape's natural beauty, dominated the scene. Dresses bloomed in shades of pink, protea purple, and hibiscus orange, while ombre effects mimicked the dramatic hues of a Cape Town sunset.


Geometric prints, inspired by the iconic Table Mountain, added a touch of modernity, while delicate floral beadwork captured the region's rich biodiversity.

Silhouettes remained largely classic, showcasing tailored suits for men and flowing gowns for women.

However, playful elements emerged in the form of cascading ruffles, feathered accents, and wide-brimmed hats adorned with embellishments.



Textures mirrored the multifaceted landscape, with crisp linens offering a breezy contrast to the opulence of silks, satins and the delicate flow of chiffons.

The "Cape Splendour" theme extended beyond individual outfits. Guests, whether sporting bold prints or timeless elegance, interacted with a shared sense of celebration and appreciation for the city's vibrant spirit.

While the horses thundered down the track, the stands became a fashion runway, showcasing diverse interpretations of the theme.



Gavin Rajah, whose Joburg Fashion Week collection took our breathe away, curated a fashion showcase that featured some of South Africa's finest designers. They all presented their interpretation of 'Cape Splendour'.  

The show was, unsurprisingly, well received. 

The event's attendees, both celebrities and ordinary fashion lovers,  embraced the full spectrum of colour, while others opted for more subtle nods to the Cape's natural beauty.



Regardless of approach, the overall impression was one of sophistication, creativity, and a shared appreciation for the unique allure of Cape Town.

Here are our favourite looks

Cape Florals



The Cape Town Sky


Bold Colours





Understated Chic






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