Must-See! 3 Reasons to Attend Gvllvnt's JFW Show

Must-See! 3 Reasons to Attend Gvllvnt's JFW Show

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The strides made in by traditional menswear designers, sometimes do not get lauded enough. However, we have steadily seen a rise in menswear designers who are pushing their design aesthetic, developing signatures they refer to every season, but with a new edge.

One of those designers is Tshepo Rakale of Gvllvnt. 

Having graced the runways of AFI's Joburg Fashion Week in 2022 and Cape Town Fashion Week in 2023, Rakale has gained recognition for dressing some of South Africa's leading men for magazine covers, editorials, and high-profile events. Gvllvnt has been making waves in the world of menswear, and the brand’s showcase promises to be an unforgettable fashion experience.

Ahead of his showcase on Saturday, 11 November 2023 at 8pm, here are three reasons why we believe the Gvllvnt show will be one of the most exciting at Joburg Fashion Week this season.

Impeccable Craftsmanship 


What sets the Gvllvnt brand apart, is its commitment to high-quality textures, immaculate construction, and exquisite tailoring. Rakale, a self-taught designer from Soweto, masterfully incorporates traditional African vintage elements into every carefully crafted piece. You can expect rare and refined pieces that will satisfy anyone with a deep appreciation for menswear in Africa.

Laid-Back Sophistication



Gvllvnt's showcase at Cape Town Fashion Week earlier this year, was a refreshing approach to menswear. With a muted colour palette of brown, blue, and white, the label exudes an air of self-possessed sophistication. Clean lines, well-tailored cuts, and princely silhouettes come to life through lightweight, high-quality fabrics. Gvllvnt's embrace of vintage forms remains evident with high-waisted pants and the unexpected inclusion of "dad-sandals" on the runway. The modern take on suiting, including lightweight linen suits with cropped, kimono-esque collars and slightly off-centre buttons, promises to redefine your perception of menswear.

Breaking New Ground in Menswear


Menswear often takes a backseat in the world of fashion, but Gvllvnt is here to change that narrative. Tshepo Rakale's commitment to pushing the boundaries of menswear design and his dedication to producing high-quality garments make Gvllvnt a trailblazer in the field. This showcase is your chance to witness the future of menswear.

As we anticipate their showcase at Joburg Fashion Week on Saturday, November 11, 2023, at 8 pm, it's clear that Gvllvnt is set to redefine your perception of menswear and unveil the future of fashion. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience. 

Tickets for the Gvllvnt show at Joburg Fashion Week are available here

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