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Offering stories that will leave you inspired, and introduce you to interesting people doing impressive things

in the African fashion industry, while also helping you make better choices when shopping.

House of Nala Magazine Issue 4

Issue 4

In this issue, we pay homage to the African women who are leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion. Plus we look at the AFU show in Abidjan.

House of Nala Magazine Issue 3

Issue 3

In this issue, we explore the major trends spotted at Cape Town Fashion Week. We also look at the legacy of Africa Fashion International in the global fashion industry.

House of Nala Magazine Issue 2

Issue 2

This issue is all about making summer style easier for you. From shopping tips and holiday wardrobe ideas, to style guides to help you look the best.

House of Nala Magazine Issue 1

Launch Issue

The launch issue of House of Nala magazine features an editorial with Banyana Banyana players in the best African fashion designers.

House of Nala Magazine Issue 2

Volume 2 - Summer

The summer issue of House of Nala by AFI is all about helping you look your best this season. The magazine includes packing tips, advice on choosing the right hats and scarves, and a directory of where to find all the featured items.

House of Nala Magazine Issue 1

Volume 1 - Spring

That’s what’s Spring signifies for many. It’s a season that’s about all things becoming alive again, where nature becomes a kaleidoscope of colour, and a feeling of hope returns after the dreariness of winter.

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