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Since 2007 AFI has hosted numerous fashion events around the world. This has contributed to the success and international

recognition of our affiliated continental designers. Over 230 designers from across 20 African countries

have showcased on AFI platforms and at numerous international exhibitions facilitated by AFI.

WATCH : Joburg Fashion Week 2023: Highlights of Africa's Premier Fashion Event.

What are we looking for

Pan African brands with a
passion for luxury fashion

Unique garments and lifestyle
products that tell a story

Carefully curated garments that
are competitive in the market

Ability to fulfil our size curve
needs and quality standards

"We are driven by our commitment to helping our partners succeed"

Why sign up?

Brand exposure

Product Placement –
Amplify your products on our
omnichannel offering

Sales on our online platform as well
as at our luxury store in Sandton

Leverage from our strong
brand identity

Feedback from our Designers

AFI Joburg Fashion Week 2022 was really an amazing experience as we were able to directly see the impact

and the feedback of our designs to the customer.

My collection was sold out in less than 6 weeks which has never happened to me before and really motivated me to focus on ready to wear products.

- Alia Bare, Senegal

It is always an honor to do business with AFI. The level of professionalism, compassion and warmth

that we receive is always noticed and felt. You are doing an incredible job, Kaylaamiel is deeply humbled and appreciates working with you.

- Seneo Moji of Kaylaamiel, Botswana


I’m really enjoying the retail space with you guys, the team working in store are amazing, I’m happy.

I just wanted to thank you guys again for the opportunity & hope we grow bigger together.

- Tshepo Rakale of GVLLVNT, South Africa


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as at our luxury store in Sandton.

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