The Reasons to Attend the Urban Zulu Show at Joburg Fashion Week

The Reasons to Attend the Urban Zulu Show at Joburg Fashion Week

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Urban Zulu is more than just a fashion brand label. It's a movement that transcends the runway, promoting oneness and celebrating African culture and arts. 

Founded by Papy Kaluw, Urban Zulu consistently incorporates African prints, materials, and street-style trends into its bespoke and ready-to-wear offerings, crafting garments that are not only stylish but also functional. 

Papy has positioned his brand as a mouthpiece for the urban and culture-conscious African, telling a profound African story through its garments.

Here are the reasons why you can't miss the show at Joburg Fashion Week.

From Congo to the World: The Papy Kaluw Story


From the vibrant heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo comes Papy Kaluw, the creative genius behind Urban Zulu. A self-taught fashion designer, Papy's journey from humble beginnings in Congo to becoming a global name is nothing short of inspiring. Dropping out of university due to financial constraints, Papy turned to his innate talent for fashion. He taught himself to design clothes from scratch and began altering garments, starting with a simple T-shirt for a friend. This is a story of resilience and the power of self-belief.

An Urban Paradise with a Spiritual Philosophy

The name "Urban Zulu" itself represents an urban paradise where style meets spirituality. The brand has remained consistent in incorporating African prints, materials, and existing street-style trends into its distinct bespoke and ready-to-wear offerings. Loose-fitting garments, oversized silhouettes, and edgy coats are just some of the elements that make Urban Zulu's creations stand out.

Celebrating African Culture and Arts

Urban Zulu celebrates African heritage and arts in every stitch. Through its garments and signature prints, it tells a profound story. The label positions itself as a mouthpiece for the urban and culture-conscious African. When you attend the Urban Zulu show, you're not just witnessing a fashion spectacle; you're experiencing a celebration of African culture, identity, and pride.

Functionality Meets Style

Urban Zulu is all about functionality. In its ode to African cities, the brand produces garments that support mobility. Whether you're looking for bespoke pieces or ready-to-wear fashion that seamlessly fuses urban style with a spiritual philosophy, Urban Zulu has it all. Their unique designs offer both comfort and style, making them perfect for modern men who appreciate the balance between function and fashion.

Stunning Artistry and Youthful Aesthetic


Urban Zulu is known for delivering stunning artistry through a youthfully nonchalant aesthetic. It's a luxury African label that continues to captivate audiences with its unique creations. The brand’s recent showcase at Cape Town Fashion Week 2023 was a testament to their unrelenting dedication to pushing the boundaries of style while staying true to their cultural roots.

On Friday, November 10th, 2023, at 7 pm, fashion enthusiasts have the opportunity to witness the fusion of style and spirituality that is Urban Zulu at Joburg Fashion Week. Click here to purchase tickets

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