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5 things we want to see on season 2 of Young, Famous & African

From Bonang Matheba’s entrance and a celebration of African fashion, these are the five things we hope to see on Netflix’s Young, Famous & African Season 2

Netflix brings more representation to screens with Young, Famous & African season 2: Here Are the Five Things We're Excited About

When Bonang Matheba appeared on the latter parts of the Young, Famous & African season 2 trailer, the internet went into meltdown. Long rumoured to be part of the cast of the Netflix reality series -which shows the lives of some of the continent's affluent socialites and media personalities- it was the confirmation her fans needed.

With Bonang being featured on the second season of Young, Famous & African, viewers hope that the story will be elevated, that African fashion will be celebrated, and the cast will have more organic interactions.

While the first season of the show had a mixed reaction, especially from viewers in Africa, there was still enough interest to see it renewed for a second season. With its core cast returning and the addition of new cast members, it is sure to be a show many will binge and will be discussed widely on social media.

Here are the 5 things we hope to see on Young, Famous & African season 2.

1) Organic Interactions
Young Famous & African Organic Interactions
One of the things that made Young, Famous & African so special was its cast of characters. From Nigerian stylist, Swanky Jerry, South African entertainment figure Khanyi Mbau to Tanzania’s award-winning Diamond Platnumz, there held much promise in the story they were trying to tell. With the world so interested in what makes young Africans tick, this was an opportunity to show just that. However, it fell short. So, this season, it would be great to see the cast interacting with each other in a more organic way. In the first season, it felt like some of the interactions were forced and uncomfortable. We hope that with the addition of new members, things will be more natural this time around.

2) Bonang Matheba’s Entrance
Young Famous & African Bonang Matheba
One of the most highly anticipated aspects of the show is Bonang Matheba's involvement. As one of Africa's most successful media personalities, she is sure to add some much-needed glamour and sophistication to the show. She is a reality show veteran, thanks to three seasons of her hit show, Being Bonang. With a continental fan-base, she will be the drawcard and will certainly cause a stir with her fashions, her witty one-liners, and her personality.

3) Beautiful Locations
Young Famous & African Locations
While the show is predominantly shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, we really hope to see more of the continent on show. Many hope that Young, Famous & African would be a love letter to the beautiful African continent. Perhaps we'll get a glimpse into the bustling streets of Lagos, the sweeping landscapes of Tanzania or the colourful buildings in Cape Town's Bo-Kaap neighbourhood and its iconic beaches. How amazing would it be for Namibian model, Luis Munana, to take the cast on a trip to Swakopmund’s iconic desert? But beyond just aesthetics, exploring new locations can also give viewers a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and ways of life across Africa. We hope that Season 2 takes advantage of these opportunities to showcase every aspect that makes each location special.

4) Better Representation of Africans
Young Famous & African New Characters
One of the things we are excited to see on Season 2 of Young, Famous & African is an expanded cast of characters. With fresh faces joining the mix, there is no telling what kind of drama and entertainment will ensue. Joining the cast this season is supermodel, Rosette Ncwana (South Africa), model and entrepreneur, Luis Munana (Namibia), rapper Fantana (Ghana) and of course, Bonang Matheba. It is always refreshing to get introduced to fresh talent and personalities from all over Africa. We hope that this season introduces us to even more young and successful Africans who are making a name for themselves in their respective fields. An expanded cast also means more opportunities for representation. It would be great if the show could feature individuals from various parts of Africa with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This way, viewers can better understand the complexities and nuances of African culture. Having a bigger pool of characters adds layers and depth to any show - especially one as dynamic as Young Famous & African!

5) A Celebration of African Fashion
Young Famous & African FASHION
With super stylist Swanky Jerry (Nigeria) and Bonang in the show this season, we expect the fashion to be at a higher level. More than that, we hope to see better representation of fashion from Africa. Both are fans of African fashion designers and have worked closely with many designers from the continent, for more than a decade. However, many successful Africans have an affinity for Western brand. The show is an opportunity to showcase the brilliance of Pan-African fashion designers. Africa is home to some of the world's most talented fashion designers, yet their work often goes unnoticed on a global scale. We hope that this show can help change that. We'd love to see more African fashion being worn on the show and showcased in all its glory. We also hope that interest in the show makes the world even more interested in Africa's creative economy including fashion. Fashion is Africa's new wealth, and it is time we pay attention to the brilliant work being done by African designers.

Young Famous & African Group

We are eagerly waiting for the release of Season 2 of Young, Famous & African and we cannot wait to see what exciting developments are in store for us. From new locations to an expanded cast of characters and a focus on successful Africans, there is so much to look forward to. Young, Famous & African has immense potential for social cohesion across cultures by encouraging appreciation and respect towards distinctive styles from around our beautiful continent!

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