AFI Masterclass: Be Part of the Circular Fashion Revolution in Africa

AFI Masterclass: Be Part of the Circular Fashion Revolution in Africa

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If you've ever wondered how fashion could be a force for good, driving not only style but also sustainability, then you need to attend the AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week 2023.

AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week 2023

This season’s topic is "Unlocking the Economic Potential of Circular Fashion in Africa.” It encapsulates a vision that stretches far beyond clothing and design. It's about unlocking a sustainable future for fashion on the African continent, and it all starts with you.

In a world where fashion is synonymous with change, innovation, and style, there's a transformative movement underway—one that seeks to revolutionise the fashion industry while preserving Africa's rich cultural heritage and protecting the environment.

The Power of Circular Fashion

At its core, circular fashion represents a paradigm shift in the fashion industry. It challenges traditional practices and reimagines fashion as a regenerative and sustainable force. The focus is clear: eliminate waste, reduce resource consumption, and promote ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

The African fashion industry is at a crossroads, and circular fashion is the path to a sustainable future. It has the power to create millions of jobs, intertwine with the continent's rich cultural heritage, and inspire a new wave of eco-conscious consumers. African governments are recognising the potential and acting, while the youth are demanding ethical fashion.

Meet The Speakers

The AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week will be facilitated by an industry icon, Felipe Mazibuko. Joining him in the panel will be fashion designers, Alia Bare and Shamyra Moodley; and fashion journalist and culture critic, Khensani Mohlatlole.

Join us on 11 November 2023 at 11am at the forum | campus in Bryanston. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE: 

This AFI Masterclass promises to inspire, educate, and empower, making it a must-attend event for anyone passionate about fashion, sustainability, and the future of Africa's rich cultural heritage.

So, please attend the AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week and discover how circular fashion is changing the game. It's more than a class; it's a movement. Don't just be a spectator—be a participant in the fashion revolution that's creating a brighter, more sustainable future. Your seat is waiting; will you take it?

Get ready to be part of a transformative journey and a sustainable fashion revolution.

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