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Rhoda Aguonigho: Redefining African Fashion Through Innovation

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Women fuel culture's evolution – shaping spaces, weaving networks, and transmitting traditions through every available avenue. 

Whether bridging gaps in African fashion's knowledge or catalysing industry growth through collaboration, a shared commitment emerges: to construct a united fashion realm propelled by collective investment and partnership. 



Across business, journalism, design, and curation, these women defy individualism, tokenism, and glass ceilings in Africa’s creative industry. They redefine success, proving the limitless potential for value creation in fashion. 

We honour these trailblazing women steering African fashion both near and far, spanning every facet of the industry. Amid global challenges – from conflicts to climate shifts – they forge ahead with visions for the continent's sartorial future. 

Rhoda Aguonigho is one of those women. 


Rhoda Aguonigho's journey in the fashion world began as a passionate exploration of creativity and innovation.

Her entry into the industry was marked by a commitment to revolutionise the way emerging African fashion talents are nurtured and empowered.

With a deep-seated desire to bring fresh voices and perspectives to the forefront, Aguonigho has embarked on a mission to reshape the landscape. 


As the Founder of Lhaude Fashion Network, Aguonigho has redefined the concept of opportunity for emerging African fashion talents. Through this platform, she has pioneered a space where creativity and potential flourish.

Lhaude Fashion Network acts as a catalyst, providing a bridge between aspirational designers and the global stage.

With a keen eye for untapped talent, Aguonigho cultivates an environment where dreams turn into reality, and breakthroughs are the norm. 

Header Image: Rhoda Aguonigho
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