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Expert Tips To Get You Started in the Fashion Industry

AFI Conversations delivers tips on Getting Started in the Fashion Industry

What You Need to Know to Succeed in the Fashion Industry

By Buhle Mbonambi

Do you dream of working in the fashion industry? Do you want to create beautiful clothes, run your own brand, or be part of a dynamic team? If so, you are not alone. The fashion industry is a huge business that attracts millions of people around the world. It is also very competitive and challenging, especially in Africa, where many talented designers and brands are making their mark. 

To succeed in the fashion industry, you need more than just passion and creativity. You also need to know how the industry works, what skills you need, and what obstacles you might face. That’s why AFI invited three experts to share their tips and insights on how to get started in the fashion industry.

They are Fezile Mdletshe (CEO of Fezile Fashion Skills Academy), Morgalen Rajah (Founder of LAB Clothing) and Prince Thabiso Mkhize (Designer and founder of menswear brand, Prince Bespokes) and they have years of experience in different aspects of the fashion business. 

In this conversation with AFI's Buhle Mbonambi, they discuss what fashion entrepreneurs need to know to pursue their fashion dreams. They will also give you a realistic view of the industry and how to overcome its challenges.

Whether you want to be a designer, a stylist, a marketer, or anything else related to fashion, this conversation will help you prepare for your journey. 

Join in the conversation by using our comments section to share your tips, ideas and also ask any question about how to get into the fashion industry. 

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