How to get the Barbie-pink trend right

How to get the Barbie-pink trend right

The Power of Pink: How Barbie's Trailer Release Sparked a Colour Craze

Barbie Pink is the latest trend in fashion. Get your outfit from House of Nala and hit the town with a Barbie Pink look.

The world has gone pink for Barbie, ever since the trailer of the upcoming film was released earlier this month.

And it's mostly because of a shot that showed Margot Robbie's Barbie character's perfectly arched foot alongside the pink, fluffy slip-on heels.

Post the trailer’s release, Barbie Pink then became one of the most searched for keywords on the internet, with thousands searching for the colour. Barbie-core then made its way to the headlines of leading fashion news platforms and retailers, brought to the fore because of interest from search.

This sudden resurgence in popularity has been credited to the film, which is set to be released in July.

In it, Robbie plays Barbara Millicent Roberts, aka Barbie, who is ejected from Barbieland for not being perfect enough and goes on an adventure in the real world.

Let's get into the trend.


Get the look from the AFI Online Store: Pink Silk Velvet Purse with Autrice Feathers by Eric Raisina (R6555) and the Pink Napa Leather Bag by Karabo Kopong (R16445)

This sudden fascination with all things Barbie comes as no surprise considering how popular the doll is. In fact, Barbie is one of the most iconic toys in history and has been a staple in many girls' toy collections since her debut in 1959.

What started as a simple plastic doll has now transformed into a global empire, with Barbie dolls, clothes, accessories, movies and even houses available for purchase. And it seems like this love for all things Barbie is only increasing with time.

Runway looks

Get the look from the AFI Online Store: Long Molten Nakia Coat by Malondie (R6899.99); One Shoulder Frill Jumpsuit by Kat Van Duinen (R2248.25) and the Cape Crusader coat by Laani Raani (R18400)

While details about Barbie’s wardrobe in the live-action movie are scarce, we do know that her look will be inspired by classic '60s Barbie dolls. And from what we can see in the trailer, it looks like her clothes will definitely be giving us some major fashion inspiration.

Now that we're seeing this "Barbie Pink" moment happening in the fashion world, it'll be interesting to see how long this trend lasts and where else it pops up.


Get the look from the AFI Online Store: Bow Halterneck Gown by Kat Van Duinen (R7722.25), Cerise Pink Dress by House of Stevolution (R5175) and Malondie Print Mabel Top (R4599.99) and Malondie Print Mabel Skirt (R3449.99) by Malondie.

We saw a number of pink garments on the runway at Cape Town Fashion Week. Malondie presented a collection that literally felt like Barbie going to a metaverse party, Laani Raani went for volume, while and Kat Van Duinen went for full Barbie-core glamour. These looks are available from the AFI Online Store and House of Nala Sandton City.

As the anticipation for the film continues to build, we are expecting to see pink clothing items in stores. It’s likely going to see more pink shades of nail polish or lipstick released before the film is released.

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