How to Perfect Polo Season Fashion in South Africa

How to Get Polo Season Fashion Right

Tips for Dressing with Elegance for South Africa's Polo Season

Elevate Your Polo Season Style with African Luxury Fashion from House of Nala

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When spring arrives in South Africa, it heralds not only the blossoming of nature but also the much-anticipated polo season.

As the social calendar fills with polo events and matches- like the Heineken All Invitational, Standard Bank Polo in the Park and the Val de Vie Polo Club season- it's time for the fashion-savvy people across the country to curate their attire that balances sophistication and style.

Whether you're a seasoned polo attendee or a first-timer, this guide will help you navigate the world of polo fashion, ensuring you turn heads and exude elegance at every event.

Embracing Polo Style: A Fusion of Elegance and Comfort

Polo style is characterised by its timeless and chic appeal. It blends classic elements with modern trends, creating a unique fusion that perfectly matches the ambiance of polo events. 

When dressing for polo events, aim for an ensemble that strikes a balance between effortless glamour and comfort. It's about embracing classic elements while adding your unique twist. Think flowing dresses, chic scarves, statement kimonos,  relaxed suiting, refined silhouettes, and a touch of playful sophistication.

These pieces are more than just clothing; they are expressions of your personality and style.

Creating Your Polo Look

Look chic and polo perfect in the Wavy Hem Midi Dress by Alia Bare

When preparing for a polo event, your outfit should reflect the event's essence while staying true to your individual style that will ensure you're the centre of attention during the polo season. 

Africa's rich cultural tapestry reflects in its fashion choices. Consider garments that incorporate vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and unique silhouettes.

Look polo-perfect in the Chic and Posh Tribal Print Dress, Tumi Captivating Satin Maxi Dress , Chic and Posh Black Satin Set and Ezokhetho Printed Kimono with Enjipai's beaded neckpiece. All looks are available for purchase on the AFI Online Store and House of Nala by AFI store in Sandton City. 

Traditional African prints, materials or designs that pay homage to local artistry can add a touch of cultural authenticity to your polo season look.

Whether you're drawn to contemporary designs or those inspired by cultural influences, you'll find options that align with your vision of the perfect Polo Season attire.

Menswear Polo Style 2023

For gents who want to make an impact during polo season, look no further than the Chartreuse Linen Two Piece Suit by Gvllvnt , House of Nala by AFI's Black Silk Shirt paired with Black Satin Trousers and Tweed Coat, and Taibo Bacar's Linen Safari Jacket and Linen Garden Pants. All looks are available for purchase on the AFI Online Store and House of Nala by AFI store in Sandton City. 

Accessories That Complement

POLO Season African Accessories

Is your outfit even complete without striking accessories? Here are some options from Africa's best designers- Shamai Accessories, Enjipai's beaded necklaces and earrings, Eric Raisina's handbags and LaaniRaani's sustainably produced handbags. Click here to shop accessories from the AFI Online Store. 

Complete your look with accessories that enhance your chosen look. Statement jewellery, a chic scarf or a handbag can elevate your outfit. 

Remember that accessories are a wonderful opportunity to add your personal touch and showcase your style. 

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