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Update your wardrobe with House of Nala's Trans-Seasonal Collection

Street Elegance Takes Centre Stage in House of Nala's womenswear’s Trans-Seasonal Collection

Why You Need the Trans-Seasonal Collection from House of Nala Womenswear

By Buhle Mbonambi 

It is that time of year again when the weather starts to change, and we must start thinking about what to wear for the transitional season.  

For many of us, this can be a tough time as we try to find the perfect balance between staying warm and looking stylish. 

Thankfully, luxury African fashion brand House of Nala Womenswear has made our lives a little easier with their latest collection. The collection is full of chic street style pieces that are perfect for this time of year. Think trench dresses, coats, pants, and skirts in a variety of different styles and colours. 

We caught up with House of Nala Womenswear product developer, Keneuoe Mhletswa, to find out more about the inspiration behind the collection.  

She told us that the collection was designed for the woman who loves luxury fashion but also wants to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.  

What was the inspiration for your latest collection? 

The inspiration behind this collection was street elegance. I decided to go with green and black as my colour scheme for the collection. I wanted to target the younger market for House of Nala.  

HOUSE OF NALA Trench Dress

Be the trendsetter in this stylish Trench Dress! Featuring gunmetal press studs and elastic detailing, the daring green colour will have everyone talking. So don't wait - stand out and show off your adventurous side!

How did you select the fabrics for your collection? 

I chose the fabrics based off how easy it was to work with the fabric and how easy it would be for the customer to care for the garments. I went with green and black gabardine for the collection. Gabardine fabric is characterised as a tough and solid material produced through a twill weave which is comparable to whipcord, but lighter.  It includes worsted, cotton, silk and blends with features in common are used to make suits and overcoats. 

HOUSE OF NALA  Black Press Stud Skirt

Look your chicest in this sophisticated-meets-edgy little black skirt! Perfect for a power look with a hint of attitude, its gunmetal press studs and military pockets give it a hint of smart rebellion. Step out in style!


What are some of the factors you consider when developing a concept for a collection? 

I usually consider fit and the type of body I am designing for. The keys factor I always must consider when creating collections for House of Nala are always focused on the type of customer that shop at the store. It always must be sellable and commercial. I also look at the age group and the type of fabrics I use. 

HOUSE OF NALA Green Coat Dress

The Green Coat Dress crafted with gunmetal press studs and sophisticated military pockets, is a timeless addition to any discerning wardrobe. Flaunt a look of understated elegance in the calming shade of green, and enjoy a luxurious fit that is comfortable and flattering.

How do you balance traditional African influences with modern trends in your designs? 

Style and fabrication are always key. Adapting the trends and silhouettes to a more African market.  

What excites you about this collection?

What excites me about the collection is how vibrant and multi-faceted the collection is. It holds elements for the younger customer as well as the more mature customer. The pieces can also be interpreted in a gender-neutral perspective as well. I have completely gone outside of my comfort zone and created different silhouettes that are outside of my norm. 

HOUSE OF NALA Black Tie-Up Pants

Take on the world in style with our Black Tie Up Pants, designed with gunmetal press studs, elastic detailing and military pockets. Be bold, adventurous and ready for any challenge in this unique garment. 

How do you think your designs showcase the changing perception of what it means to be an African fashion designer in the luxury industry? 

I feel like the designs showcased in the collection show quite a commercial element to the African luxury industry also going into a quieter luxury feel. African luxury is taking quite an interesting and needed direction. We as African designers are going against the stereotype of what the rest of the world sees as African luxury and creating a new representation. Showcasing African luxury does not mean you are restricted to using prints but rather also playing with silhouettes and colours.  

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