REVIEW: Imprint ZA at Cape Town Fashion Week

Imprint ZA presents their latest collection at Cape Town Fashion Week

Imprint ZA's Joyous Tribute to IsiXhosa Culture: A Must-See Display of African Heritage

Mzukisi Mbane’s Imprint ZA show at Cape Town Fashion Week, was a joyous occasion that paid homage to IsiXhosa culture. It was an inspiring display of African heritage – artfully brought to life by the designer – and served as testament to how captivatingly the runway can portray our narrative.

Titled Buyel’ekhaya, Imprint ZA’s return to Cape Town Fashion Week was framed as a homecoming, set against the resounding score of children dressed in IsiXhosa traditional dress, engaged in an exultant homecoming dance around the stage as models darted confidently down the runway.


Accessorised with contrasting footwear, cowboy hats and sunglasses, the collection featured the brand’s signature line-heavy prints and avantgarde silhouettes. The common thread of drapery orientated at the neck and shoulders produces a largesse and freedom of stride that is in keeping with the boldness and assertiveness of Imprint ZA. The bold lines of the prints create an unlikely uniformity, resulting in amorphous silhouettes, where each piece is indistinguishable from the next.

This worked particularly well in a black and white ensemble, led by an asymmetrical cloak, draped around the model’s shoulders. Bold, angular lines are situated around the emblem of a bull, repeated on each garment. Everything seemed to leap outwards in the label’s womenswear offering, from asymmetry in the silhouettes, fish-tailed sleeves and capes, to the introduction of a vibrant pattern to its broad repertoire, with a red base embellished with irregular blue shapes.

Under the leadership of founder and creative director Mbane, Imprint ZA’s collections have continued to go from strength to strength since their Cape Town Fashion Week debut in 2018, and this year was no exception.

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