REVIEW: Koki Kamala at Cape Town Fashion Week

Botswana’s Koketso Chiepe presents Koki Kamala’s latest resort collection at Cape Town Fashion Week

Koki Kamala’s relaxed resort elements make the case for luxe African resortwear

Closing out the first evening of Cape Town Fashion Week, Koki Kamala impressed audiences with her Cape Town Fashion Week debut. The internationally recognized, Botswana-based designer brought a balanced collection that was perfect for the feminine Cape Town millennial: dynamic, urbane, and a sucker for comfort.

Koki Kamala presented a well-rounded collection with relaxed resort elements. Employing a sophisticated application of global trends, there were pieces that stood out from the rest. With the brand’s signature being its accessories, Koki Kamala brought a unique handbag offering, including a large, Telfar-esque shopping bag, with the label’s emblem embossed on either side.

The use of trompe l’oeil showcased a distinct approach to the return of denim. Despite the broad disavowal of this illusory printing technique in high-fashion conversations, Koki Kamala’s sophisticated use of it made for a seamless appearance on the runway. Trompe l’oeil standouts included a handbag with beige panels, and a billowing, sheer, off-shoulder top.

Bringing resort elements – such as wide-legged pants and sheer skirts – to the professional wardrobe, additional stand-outs included a pink bell-sleeved jumpsuit, and a collared, blue-and-white striped shirt-dress.

Closing out the evening against the powerful soundtrack of Beyoncé’s “Be Alive”, Koki Kamala brought forth a collection that celebrated the everyday for a generation that treasures comfort as much as it does style and luxury.

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This was actually my favorite offering at the show


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