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Dr. Precious on AfCFTA, Agoa, and Africa’s Fashion Industry

Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe

It is a great time to work in the African fashion and textile space.

Our mission has been to develop, aggregate and grow the fashion industry on the continent to global competitiveness by creating a pan-African platform to showcase African fashion and design; providing decent work in the fashion supply chain, especially for women; and helping bring more circularity and a smaller ecological footprint into a notoriously wasteful industry.

We now have a database of more than 240 African and pan-African designers we have promoted and collaborated with to promote their brands and contribute to their growth in sales, with designs showcased locally as well as in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Botswana, Rwanda, Kenya, Brazil and the US. 


African designers and creatives are finding their voice, and due to the demand for their products and more investment in this sector, the economic and job-creating potential is immense. We have the chance to make African designers and labels, producers and workers a global success story within this generation...

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