Tumi Captivating's Sensational Debut at Joburg Fashion Week

Tumi Captivating's Sensational Debut at Joburg Fashion Week

Buhle Mbonambi 

It’s not every day that a designer makes their debut from making clothes for their existing clientele, to showcasing on one of the biggest fashion weeks in the continent. It therefore makes sense that Tumi Nakedi, the founding designer of Tumi Captivating Fashion, was a nervous wreck before the show.

But as the looks from her collection made it down the Joburg Fashion Week runway, those nerves dissipated. Instead of a small bow at the end of the show, she fiercely walked down the runway, giving the models who just showcased her clothes, a run for their money.

And the applause was deserved- she had delivered.

From Nerves to Runway Triumph: Tumi Nakedi's Journey at Joburg Fashion Week

It’s difficult to really review a collection by a designer who is driven by sales. However, Nakedi has found a middle ground between producing a commercial collection and one that cements her as a talented designer with something to say. And she had a lot to say.

Already a fan of bright colours, she presented a dopamine releasing collection of ready-to-wear garments that will certainly be snapped up by the fashion savvy women she targets with her designs. Famous for her love of pleats, flounces, and unapologetically romantic silhouettes, these were given an edge by her using plisse pleats, prints and bold colours.

Tumi Captivating

She started strong with her first look. The red maxi dress, with puff sleeves, with a slit with pleated accents, was expertly modelled by Calista Clarke. She handled a dress that could have overwhelmed any other model.

What followed was a collection that gave traffic colours, flowing from red, amber, yellow to a bold bottle green. Standout looks were the pleated amber looks, like the two-piece modelled by Bisi Sowemimo, and the maxi dress modelled by Omo Williams.

Joburg Fashion Week 2023

The yellow and white satin printed halter neck gown modelled by Natanya Chetty is one that the Tumi Captivating woman will be clamouring to purchase.

It was a solid debut for a designer with a heaps of potential. You can also Shop The Runway now. Click here to purchase

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