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Menswear Style Tips for the L'Ormarins King's Plate 2024

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Picture this: a stunning racecourse bathed in golden sunlight, where horses sprint and the air is filled with cheers and clinks of champagne glasses. It's not just a race; it's a chance to feel the thrill of the track while wrapped in elegance.

This isn't your typical day out; it's a blend of sophistication and fun that invites everyone to join in the festivities and soak up the unique charm of the L'Ormarins King's Plate. 


The King’s Plate is one of the oldest races on the equestrian calendar. Hosted in high summer on the first Saturday of the year at the Kenilworth Racecourse, in Cape Town, it is one of the most prestigious horse race events of the year. 

Hosted by L’Ormarins and attracting a well-healed audience, including captains of industry, key opinion leaders, and recognisable faces, it’s a must-attend event. 

Now, as the spotlight turns to the grandeur of the L'Ormarins King's Plate 2024, the question arises: How does one get the dress code right? 


Masculine Finesse: Tailoring the Blues

For the discerning gentlemen navigating the vibrant social atmosphere, mastering the art of style becomes imperative. Whether you're trackside for the races or mingling in the elegant social spaces, our curated tips on how to wear blue and white are tailored for the occasion.

Lighter Shades


Embrace the summer vibes with lighter shades of blue. Opt for powder blue linen shirt or a sky-blue cotton to keep things cool and stylish under the Cape Town sun. Introduce texture to your outfit to avoid a monotonous look. A textured white polo or a linen shirt adds depth and visual interest.

Tailored Comfort

Choose tailored trousers, shorts, or lightweight chinos. The key is to strike a balance between comfort and sophistication. White or blue chinos or trousers can be paired with a patterned shirt or a polo for a sophisticated yet relaxed look.

Bold Accessories

Elevate your look with bold accessories. Consider a navy woven belt or a patterned pocket square to add a touch of personality to your ensemble.

Breathable Fabrics

Prioritize breathable fabrics like linen or cotton to stay comfortable in the warm weather. A well-fitted linen blazer in a muted blue can effortlessly elevate your look. 

Footwear Choices

Loafers or stylish boat shoes in navy or a lighter shade of blue are excellent choices. They not only complement your outfit but also keep you comfortable throughout the event.

The key is to strike a balance between comfort and style, embracing the vibrant atmosphere of the equestrian event while staying true to the sophistication of the occasion.

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