PRESS RELEASE: AFI Rebrands to Africa Fashion International

PRESS RELEASE: AFI Rebrands to Africa Fashion International

Looking Beyond Africa’s Borders: Introducing Africa Fashion International

African Fashion International rebrands to Africa Fashion International


Johannesburg, South Africa (October 02, 2023) - Founded in 2007, African Fashion International (AFI) has driven Africa's diverse fashion industries forward by showcasing the talent and craftsmanship of designers with African roots.

With a firm commitment to fostering a cohesive vision of fashion crafted in Africa and the African diaspora, AFI has become a transformative force over the past 16 years.

Now, as the organisation marks its 16th anniversary, AFI is proud to announce its new name: Africa Fashion International (AFI).

The rebranding from "African Fashion International" to "Africa Fashion International" signifies a departure from the notion of a singular, monolithic vision of Africa.

AFI recognises that Africa's fashion industries are incredibly diverse, driven by unique histories, socio-political contexts, and cultural nuances. With this understanding, AFI embraces the opportunity to highlight the richness and individuality of Afrocentric fashion scenes across Africa and beyond.

Reflecting this significant milestone, AFI’s Founder and Executive Chair, Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe, states, "Features of Africa’s cultures, creativity and cuisine have migrated around the world. Today, it's possible to identify with Africa, regardless of proximity, because Africa's heritage is intertwined to the heritage of almost every other part of the globe.

Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe

“On the continent and in the diaspora, Africa's people are contributing to the growth of the continent’s creative and fashion industries with improved recognition, influence, and visibility. This rebranding as Africa Fashion International is our pledge to strengthen and empower this global fashion and creative ecosystem through the promotion of responsible practices, thoughtful storytelling, and diverse representation," says Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe.

Sylvester Chauke, the Chief Architect at DNA Brand Architects who were instrumental in AFI’s rebranding, remarks: “What sets Africa apart from the rest of the world is its youthful and digitally savvy population. The African continent is a market for creative capital and this Afrocentric creative expression is finding resonance globally."

AFI's mission is to harness the tremendous potential of Africa's Creative Economy, a vast reservoir of cultural and creative capital. It is estimated that the continental creative industry generates on average US$4.2 billion annually and employs half a million people.

Growing the industry on the continent, and growing international investment and appreciation, can empower individuals and communities, driving the continent towards a more prosperous and fulfilled future.

AFI aims to redefine the conversation by placing emphasis on Africa’s artisanal skills, the critical role of Africa’s fashion media, and the involvement of Africa’s citizenry in the continent and diaspora in shaping the culture that fuels the fashion industry.

AFI is underscoring its commitment to bringing Africa to the world and welcoming the world to Africa. AFI is on a transformative journey that extends far beyond its African roots and the African continent itself. As AFI embarks on this new chapter, it invites fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and the global community to celebrate unity in Africa's diverse fashion landscape.

Through collaborations and world class events like JOBURG FASHION WEEK and CAPE TOWN FASHION WEEK as well as developmental platforms like AFI FASTRACK, and AFI MASTERCLASS, AFI will continue to champion Africa-made luxury, whilst ensuring commercial success for its partners and customers through its retail channels, the House of Nala by AFI boutique in Sandton City and the House of Nala by AFI e-commerce platform. This will continue to foster a dynamic, interconnected industry.  

Africa Fashion International will host the world at its Pan-African festival JOBURG FASHION WEEK from 08- 12 November 2023.



Roshnee Pillay, AFI Marketing Manager

+27 66 479 1076  



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