Unveiling the Top Fashion Trends from the 2024 Golden Globes

Unveiling the Top Fashion Trends from the 2024 Golden Globes

Buhle Mbonambi

  • The 2024 Golden Globe Awards red carpet was a fashion extravaganza, featuring a resurgence of timeless trends and bold style statements.
  • Noteworthy trends included the classic pairing of blouses with maxi skirts, championed by stars like Meryl Streep and Gina Torres.
  • The fashion choices at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards celebrated individuality. 

Every year, awards season brings together Hollywood's biggest stars for a month of glamour and fashion.

The 2024 season started late, thanks to the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild of America strikes in 2023, which saw Hollywood come to a standstill. With their deals now confirmed and everyone happy, the stars are back on the red carpet and ready to showcase their high wattage style.

The first major red-carpet event of awards season was Sunday’s Golden Globe awards. While the night is always about the winners, it’s also about what the stars are wearing. And with the event back in the good books of Hollywood’s leading stars, they made sure to dress up accordingly.

Margot Robbie continued with her Barbie-inspired looks, while Oprah Winfrey paid homage to The Color Purple. Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner made their debut as a couple, while Colman Domingo reminded everyone why he is the best dressed man in Hollywood right now.

But what were the trends spotted on the red carpet?

Dramatic Opera Coats, Sleeves and Boas


Seen on Margot Robbie, Lily Gladstone, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Lopez and Janelle James, the style has been growing over the past year, moving it from a micro trend to a full formed trend. It works, because you can wear a simple column dress and with the addition of an opera coat (or tulle boa, as seen on Robbie), it takes your outfit up a notch.  


Blouses and Maxi Skirts 


This look will forever be the gift that keeps giving. Pairing a blouse with a maxi skirt, not only makes you effortlessly chic, but a fan of classic fashion. Meryl Streep wore a gun-metal sequinned maxi skirt with a pussy-bow blouse and matching sequined jacket. Suits star, Gina Torres, wore a sheer black blouse with a complementary maxi mermaid skirt in black and white floral damask. Best Director – Motion Picture for Past Lives, Celine Song, also found refuge in the trend but gave it an edge with what looks like a silver knitting pin securely fastening her skirt and creating a ruffled waistline.


Tie-Less Suiting


The men were naturally never going to let the women have all the fun on the red carpet. While William Tyler James (Abbott Elementary) and Justine Hartley (This Is Us), made the cause for beige suits, there was an overwhelming number of actors wearing suits without ties. James Marsden, Timothée Chalamet and Cillian Murphy wore tuxedos without ties, while Jared Leto went bare-chested under his oversized tuxedo blazer, Andrew Scott wore a white vest with his white tux and Jeremy Allen White a sheer shirt with his tuxedo, forgoing the tie.


Tuxedo Chic


It’s been 94 years since Marlene Dietrich shocked society by wearing a tuxedo with tails in scenes of 1930 classic, Morocco. She helped to change womenswear, as designers became inspired by the look to take it forward. A variation of the look was seen on Pom Klementieff (in Dolce and Gabbana) and Ariana Greenblatt (perfect in Saint Laurent).


Put a Bow on It


Evening gowns with bows on them, were a major trend at the Golden Globes, as seen on Amanda Seyfried, Reese Witherspoon, Elle Fanning, Greta Lee, Hailee Steinfeld and Ayo Edibiri. It’s a classic silhouette that will never go out of style. The presence of bows on these gowns added a touch of timeless elegance, creating a classic silhouette that transcends fleeting fashion trends.


All Images Courtesy of Golden Globes

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