6 Reasons To Attend the AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week

6 Reasons To Attend the AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week

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As the fashion industry increasingly finds ways to improve its relationship with the environment, there is still a lot of things to unlearn. While the conversation about sustainable fashion rages on, there needs to be more done to improve the state of the industry. 

The recently released UNESCO report on Fashion in Africa, reveals that even though Africa's fashion industry holds great potential, it is hindered by various obstacles. These obstacles include insufficient investments and infrastructure, inadequate education and training systems, weak intellectual property protection, as well as challenges in accessing new markets and sourcing affordable materials.


The sector's environmental impact cannot be ignored either, as it remains a major contributor to global pollution. To effectively address these issues, reliable data and input from experts and civil society are crucial in shaping public policies that protect creators while promoting sustainable and inclusive fashion.

Which brings us to the AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week 2023.

Themed: "Unlocking the Economic Potential of Circular Fashion in Africa", the theme encapsulates a vision that stretches far beyond clothing and design. It's about unlocking a sustainable future for fashion on the African continent. 

So, if are you passionate about fashion, sustainability, and Africa's cultural heritage, then attending the AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week is a must!

This AFI Masterclass aims to inspire and equip participants with knowledge and insights into the commercial opportunities of circular fashion in Africa.

Here’s why you need to the attend the AFI Masterclass

Join us on 11 November 2023 at 11am at the forum | campus in Bryanston. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE: 

Gain Insights into Circular Fashion's Role in Africa's Economic Growth

Circular fashion has the potential to revolutionise Africa's fashion industry by creating millions of jobs and fostering economic growth. By attending this masterclass, you will gain a deeper understanding of how circular fashion can contribute to job creation and economic development in Africa. Learn about successful circular fashion initiatives and best practices in the African context, and explore how these strategies can be implemented in your own fashion business.

Understand the Environmental Benefits of Circular Fashion

The global fashion sector is notorious for its contribution to waste, pollution, and unsustainable practices. Unfortunately, Africa often becomes a disposal site for fast fashion and unwanted clothing. By attending this masterclass, you will learn about the environmental challenges posed by the fashion industry in Africa and how circular fashion can mitigate these challenges. Discover practical insights on sourcing sustainable materials locally and reducing reliance on imported textiles, and contribute to the preservation of Africa's biodiversity and natural resources.

Explore the Intersection of Circular Fashion and Cultural Heritage

One of the unique aspects of circular fashion in Africa is how it intertwines with the continent's rich cultural heritage. Traditional textiles, craftsmanship, and ancient dyeing techniques are making a comeback in modern designs, creating a fusion of cultural heritage and sustainable fashion. Attend this masterclass to dive into the integration of cultural heritage in circular fashion, and discover how preserving Africa's cultural traditions can be a driving force for sustainable development.

Engage in Dialogue on Government Policies and Circular Fashion


Government policies play a pivotal role in advancing circular fashion. Several African governments are recognising the potential of circular fashion and actively exploring policies and incentives to support the industry's growth. By attending the AFI Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to engage in discussions on the importance of government policies in promoting and accelerating the adoption of circular fashion. Contribute your ideas and insights to shape the future of circular fashion in Africa.

Network and Collaborate with Fashion Industry Stakeholders


The AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week will bring together a diverse group of fashion industry stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, policymakers, designers, and sustainability experts. Take advantage of this unique networking opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals who share your passion for sustainable fashion. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that can drive the adoption of circular fashion in Africa forward.

The Speakers 


The AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week will be facilitated by an industry icon, Felipe Mazibuko. With years of experience and expertise in the fashion industry, Felipe brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the masterclass. Joining him in the panel are esteemed fashion designers, Alia Bare and Shamyra Moodley.

Alia is known for her innovative designs that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, while Shamyra's creations showcase her unique perspective on sustainable fashion.

Additionally, fashion journalist and culture critic, Khensani Mohlatlole, will be sharing her valuable insights on the intersection of fashion, culture, and sustainability.

Together, these speakers bring a diverse range of perspectives, expertise, and experiences to the masterclass, ensuring attendees gain a well-rounded understanding of circular fashion in Africa. 

In conclusion, attending the AFI Masterclass at Joburg Fashion Week is a transformative experience that will inspire and equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to tap into the commercial opportunities of circular fashion in Africa.

Join the sustainable fashion revolution, contribute to economic growth, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation in Africa.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of a movement that shapes the future of fashion in Africa.

Join us on 11 November 2023 at 11am at the forum | campus in Bryanston. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE

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