Liezel van der Westhuizen to facilitate the AFI Masterclass 2023

Shudufhadzo Musida, Nontando Mposo and Masa Mara are some of the panellists at the AFI Masterclass 2023 during Cape Town Fashion Week.

Johannesburg, South Africa (March 17, 2023)

There is no denying that the fashion industry has a lot of power. Beyond just the ability to make or break trends, fashion designers and companies can influence how people think and feel about themselves.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on making the industry more conscious of its impact on the world. This is a positive step, but it is important to ensure that this consciousness is not a gimmick or ‘window-dressing’.

The industry is still facing accusations of greenwashing, the fast fashion business model is thriving and while there are some design houses making an effort, not enough is being done to highlight the lack of sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Another issue is how Africa has become the dumping ground for unwanted clothes. An estimated 80% of all people in Africa wear second-hand clothes according to an article from the African Exponent. This is especially true in Ghana, Benin, and Kenya. These three countries receive a bounty of used clothing from all over the world.


An image of a red and blue chequered bag used by Thebe Magugu

Thebe Magugu used the iconic red and blue chequered bag as the entryway for his models during his Spring Summer 2023 collection in London.


This was highlight by Thebe Magugu’s Discard Theory collection in September 2022, where he highlighted the prevalence of this occurrence in African countries.


It’s not only sustainability that we need to be conscious of. It’s also the lack of proper inclusion in the industry.


A recent article by Vogue Business revealed that the fashion industry has gone backwards when it comes to inclusive runways. The recent fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris saw the return of ‘Size 0’ models and few to zero representation of plus-size models.

There really is no better time than now to get involved with the discussion of how Africa can become conscious of its impact when it comes to fashion.

It is with that thought in mind that Africa Fashion International thought of the topic of the AFI Masterclass at Cape Town Fashion Week.


A picture of radio presenter, Liezel Van Der Westhuizen

Seasoned radio presenter and professional speaker, Liezel Van Der Westhuizen will facilitate the AFI Masterclass 2023.


“Building a Conscious & Inclusive Fashion Movement in Africa” is not just about calling out the fashion industry, but it’s about finding solutions to the problems that it faces.

Being conscious goes beyond just creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly industry. It is also about being conscious about the true lack of inclusivity in the fashion industry and addressing this issue.

There are many things that the fashion industry can do to be more conscious of its impact:

  • One is to focus on sustainability, ensuring that clothing is made from sustainable material, that manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly, and that Southern economies can participate fairly in the sector.
  • Another is to focus on inclusivity and diversity, making sure that all races, body types, skin tones, genders, and sexualities are represented in fashion campaigns, runway shows and behind the scenes.
  • A third is ensuring decent working conditions in the industry supply chain, and promoting small as well as women- and youth-owned businesses in this supply chain

It’s not just about optics. It’s also good for business.



The goal of the AFI Masterclass 2023 is to give attendees information about a sustainable and inclusive fashion. Our aim is to aid fashion entrepreneurs and how they incorporate these principles into their own work.

We have curated a Masterclass that features individuals who are major players in the industry. These are people whose opinion holds weight, are respected and because of their wealth of knowledge around the industry, they will leave attendees of the AFI Masterclass with a renewed vigour of seeing a better industry.

Award-winning broadcaster, Liezel van der Westhuizen, will facilitate the conversation, which will some of the most influential people in the African fashion industry.


Meet the panellists:


KY BXSHXFF - Fashion Editor/ Film Director

Ky Bxshxff is a Cape Town-based mythmaker and multi-hyphenate working in fashion, film, phrasing, and advertising. Ky began their career working at African Fashion International on Joburg and Cape Town Fashion Week.


NONTANDO MPOSO - Editor-In-Chief: Glamour South Africa

Nontando Mposo is a celebrated fashion journalist and editor, now serving as Editor-in-Chief for Glamour South Africa, the continent's top fashion magazine. She is passionate about championing Pan-African talent in fashion, beauty, photography, and the arts. 


YOLISWA MQOCO - Style Architect / Fashion Curator / Brand Styling Specialist 

Yoliswa Mqoco is Fashion Industry veteran boasting over a decade in the world of content creation, strategy, and art direction. With fashion and storytelling being the heart of all chosen brand partnerships, no stone is left unturned in ensuring a visual spectacle.


NYAMBO MASA MARA- Artist & Fashion Designer. Creative Director of Masa Mara 

Nyambo MasaMara is a versatile multi-disciplinary artist, fabric, and fashion designer, working in a range of media and across platforms. Nyambo’s work is informed by his life experiences.


SHUDUFHADZO MUSIDA- Model, Published Author, Mental Health Advocate & Miss South Africa 2020

Miss South Africa 2020, Shudufhadzo Musida is an advocate for mental health awareness and women's and children's empowerment. She is also the Founder and Chairwoman of her own Foundation with the ambition to one day work with the United Nations.


The AFI Masterclass 2023 will take place on 23 March 2023 at Hall 7, CTICC 2 between 2pm and 3.30pm.


Tickets are available at only R150 per person. Buy your tickets - HERE

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