Internship Opportunities at Joburg Fashion Week

Internship Opportunities at Joburg Fashion Week

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Africa Fashion International is looking for passionate individuals to join the team and be part of the extraordinary Joburg Fashion Week experience. This is a rare opportunity to work behind the scenes of the biggest fashion week in Africa, while also getting the chance to add ‘Worked for AFI’ on your CV.

Now, why should you take the opportunity to apply for the Joburg Fashion Week internships?

Professional Growth: You'll be part of a talented team at AFI, where you'll learn from the best in the industry and grow your skills.

Hands-On Experience: Your role is integral to the success of Joburg Fashion Week, giving you the chance to make a real impact.

There will be no 'The Devil Wears Prada' moments, where you will be doing unnecessary coffee runs, fetching dogs or surf boards. 

These internships aren't just about making coffee runs or photocopying documents; they're about active participation, learning by doing, and being a pivotal part of one of the most prestigious fashion events on the continent.

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The skills and connections you acquire during this journey will undoubtedly set you on a trajectory for success in the dynamic world of fashion and hospitality. You'll be in the company of individuals who have achieved excellence in their respective domains.

This invaluable exposure allows you to absorb knowledge, gain insights, and refine your skills under their guidance.

Join the Joburg Fashion Week Team: Exciting Opportunities Await

Experienced Retail Sales Assistants

Retail Sales Assistant Joburg Fashion Week 

Are you an experienced Retail Sales Assistant looking for an exciting opportunity? We've got just the spot for you at the House of Nala by AFI Pop-Up Store. Join our dynamic team and be part of the Joburg Fashion Week frenzy.

As a retail sales assistant, you'll be at the heart of the fashion action, helping shoppers find their perfect style, meeting sales targets, and ensuring an unforgettable shopping experience.

This is where your skills and passion will make a genuine impact. Your expertise will play a pivotal role in creating a shopping experience like no other.

What We're Looking For:

Experience: Proven retail sales skills to keep our customers coming back for more. Sales-Oriented: Your passion for sales is the secret ingredient. Willingness: Ready to work hard and make it happen during Joburg Fashion Week. Communication Skills: Engage and delight our customers with your charm.

Hospitality Graduates for VIP Hospitality 

VIP Hospitality Assistants

Are you a Hospitality Studies Graduate or a 3rd-year student bursting with enthusiasm to gain invaluable work experience? Joburg Fashion Week invites you to be part of an exclusive team, where you'll interact with high-profile VVIP guests, creating unforgettable moments.

Your polished hospitality skills will shine in this glamorous setting. If you're part of the hospitality section, you'll be the face of AFI to our high-profile VVIP guests. You'll attend to their every need, ensuring their experience is nothing short of spectacular.

This hands-on responsibility not only allows you to showcase your customer service and hospitality prowess but also provides a platform for you to shine and make a lasting impression on the fashion world's elite.

What We Are Looking For:

Ambition: Ready to take your hospitality skills to the next level. Education: Open to Hospitality graduates and 3rd-year students eager to learn on the job. Professionalism: High-profile guests demand the best, and you'll be there to deliver it.

Junior Photographer

Junior Photographer Internship Joburg Fashion Week

Are you a talented photography graduate with a passion for content creation? Joburg Fashion Week is offering a unique internship opportunity for a junior photographer.

You'll work closely with our dynamic marketing and social media team, capturing the essence of fashion and style.

The experience you gain here will be unparalleled, setting you on a path to becoming a sought-after photographer in the industry.

What We Are Looking For:

Creative Vision: Your lens is your paintbrush; we want you to capture the essence of Joburg Fashion Week. Photography Skills: Show us your knack for framing and lighting. Collaboration: Work with our marketing and social media experts to create captivating content. NB: You must have your own camera.

How To Apply

Join the Talented AFI Team and help contribute to Joburg Fashion Week's success!  Send your application to  Application subject should be the position applied for. Applications close on October 31, 2023. 

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