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MAC Cosmetics tips for Out of this World beauty looks

Out of this World beauty advice for the Durban July with MAC

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Comfortable yet Glamorous Durban July Makeup Look

Being Africa’s biggest horse-racing event, the Hollywoodbets Durban July revellers from all corners of the continent to converge on Durban for this occasion. This year’s theme, “Out of this World”, invites attendees to think far outside of the box. Like, “beyond-the-stratosphere” far.

Beauty trends are ever-changing, often fleeting – it can be tricky to stay in tune, let alone know where to look for inspiration. Not only have recent global trends been focused on Y2K and Space-Age aesthetics, but AI exploration in fashion has introduced a whole new frontier, with a whole new aesthetic approach to beauty and make-up.

With this in mind, you can be confident that there is a wealth of  inspiration and references at your disposal.

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For the second time, AFI returns to the Hollywoodbets Durban July with a show that is set to be a highlight for attendees at the AFI Fashion Experience with Gemelli at the Durban July. AFI will stage a fashion show inside the Gemelli Durban July Experience enclosure ahead of the final race.

As luck would have it, AFI has partnered with the experts at MAC to ensure that our all-round fashion experience encompasses the world of beauty.

Here is what they had to say about the theme, “Out of this World”, and how you can best interpret it.

Having done your research on the theme, what blush and eye-shadow palettes would you apply to the theme, “Out of this World”?

The Mac Colour Connect eyeshadow palette “Hi-Fi Colour” gives intense pigment and comes in a rainbow of colours to create a constellation of stars. The Mineralize blush “Petal Power” is a coral pink with gold shimmer that can be seen from outer space.


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There are many ways to be eccentric with this theme. What are three ways that you think someone could interpret the theme in unconventional ways that are sufficiently off-the-wall for this theme?

You can interpret the theme through three trends that are easy to achieve, but stand out in the crowd:

  1. Mermaid Skin – This can be achieved using MAC soft & gentle highlighter with fishnet stockings or a siren stencil.
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  1. Misplaced metals – Metallics-adorned noses, lips, parts, brows. You can achieve this look by drizzling Dazzle-Shadow Liquid wherever your heart desires.
  1. Vampire skin - Amp up the glow by mixing glitter & chrome into your foundation, or creating glitter freckles


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How can one enhance a full coverage look to speak to the theme “Out of this World”?
You can have a full coverage makeup and make it look like [the aforementioned] Vampire Skin, simply by adding pigments to your foundation or primer.

What graphic and editorial make-up trends are you picking up that you would like to see at the Durban July?
You can use the new Connect in Colour pallets, together with the Colour Excess Gel Eye Liners, to recreate trends like the “under-liner” , “soft goth” and the “classic wing liner”


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AI and Metaverse inspired-fashion have been capitalising on a very pared down, glassy, alien-like look. What would you recommend to anyone looking to experiment with a glassy, alien-like look?
You can use the Hyper Real Serumizer and Strobe Cream under and over your makeup to create Glass-like skin. Additionally, you can use the Mac clear gloss on the eyes and cheeks.

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